Collection: Ski Snowboard Carrier

The best way to travel with skis & snowboards

Three models providing versatile as well as safe, secure, transport and storage options for your skis and snowboards with zero install time required. Our ski storage solutions fit in truck beds, sports utility vehicles, crossovers, and cars with folding backseats. Efficiently transport your equipment from the slopes to your home anytime!


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Skiing and snowboarding are among the most popular winter sports. There’s nothing better than hitting the slopes and having a good time with family or friends. However, when you complete a ski or snowboard session, it’s time to store your property away until another mountain session. From the slopes to home, your skis, poles, and boards embark on a lengthy journey.

Stop throwing your items in the back of your car! Ski and snowboard storage racks are a better choice to hold your equipment in place, resolving the issues of skis, poles, and boards sliding around in the back of the vehicle. Eliminate damage with a ski and snowboard carrier. The best part is that you can take the carrier from your car and store your equipment anywhere! Place the rack inside your garage, storage room, or let it remain on your vehicle. TRAPSKI’s racks are dependable and ready to serve all your storage needs.

Dependable and optimal storage: how do we achieve it? TRAPSKI’s versatile ski and snowboard racks have a trapezoid design that “traps” equipment and ensures safe transport and dependable storage. Furthermore, our products can fit inside various-sized vehicles. Our TRAPSKI Double is our smallest racking system and fits perfectly inside crossovers and hatchback cars. The TRAPSKI Quad is versatile and family oriented—perfect for any truck or SUV. We also have the TRAPSKI Six Pack, which organizes six pairs of skis and poles or snowboards. This option is great for trucks and groups interested in multi-equipment storage.

All of our TRAPSKI products have excellent scratch resistance and great impact resistance and are UV stabilized. Thanks to marine-grade high-density polyethylene, our racks are extremely durable and fit for any ski or snowboard enthusiast.

TRAPSKI is the first install-free ski and board rack that you can instantly utilize! From the mountains to your home, don’t think twice about storage. Organize your equipment and protect it from damage year-round. Not to mention, you’ll save a pretty penny with this all-in-one storage option. Reliable features and great sizing selections—what’s better than that?

Start the wintertime on the right foot with optimal ski and snowboard storage and get back to what you love—hitting those slopes! Browse our awesome carrier options and select the right product for your equipment today!