Our Patent Pending Trapezoid design "Traps" equipment for secure and safe transport and storage.

How to Assemble your TRAPSKI Rack


    For your home, car or truck, seamlessly organize your gear and store anywhere. TRAPSKI is the only all-in-one racking system designed for at home storage as well as transport to the mountain.


    Engineered to eliminate risk of damage while your skis, poles and boards are in-transit. Requires no install or uninstall and it's ready to go out-of-the-box within minutes.


    Reduce storage needs by an average of 30% when using TRAPSKI. Free up more room for those essentials and nice-to-haves on your next trip or combine TRAPSKI racks as your party grows.


Skiers & Riders spend a lot of money on their equipment, but for some reason we accept the fact that we throw it in the bed of a truck, van, SUV or car! Not only does it take up more can lift bindings, bend brakes, damage edges and bend poles! This problem is real and the fact is we take runs at like 40 MPH with our equipment. Safety and more space are the way to go!


Organize, Protect and Store your equipment with TRAPSKI. Increase your space, save money on repairs and additional service to your equipment and use the device all year. It has NO install and can be used to transport and store in any season. Save time money and headaches with TRAPSKI racks!