TRAPSKI is the only install-free racking system on the market designed for the bed of a truck or inside an SUV or automobile.  

TRAPSKI is the only complete solution racking system designed for safe and secure transport inside a vehicle as well as at your destination. 

We are a Veteran Owned company who proudly make our racks in the U.S.A.

No other racking system allows for internal transport, not to mention, all other commercial racks require fixed mounting systems.

These systems require an install to operate and an uninstall to be removed after a ski/ride season.

These options also do not have the ability to store the equipment while not on the vehicle, essentially only solving the transport aspect external of the vehicle.

Requiring no install or uninstall, TRAPSKI is user-friendly and operational in under 1 minute. Compared to the hours it can take to install and uninstall other commercial racks that are vehicle specific and can only be used in transporting! TRAPSKI also serves as a storage unit when not in transit providing more value overall.