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Solo Stove Fire Pit Surround Tabletops | Elevation for Small & Large Wood Burning Fire Pits, Powder-Coated Steel/UV-Resistant Outdoor Fabric

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Firepit Surrounds:

Protect wandering hands and wagging tails with Surround, a 360° protective barrier that provides peace of mind around your good moments.
  • THE MODERN TABLE FOR YOUR SOLO STOVE FIRE PIT: Protect wandering child hands and wagging pet tails with Surround, a 360° protective barrier that also provides a surface for cold drinks and plated s’mores. Custom made for Bonfire and Ranger the Surround elevates your backyards aesthetic and provides peace of mind.
  • SMART DESIGN: Surround’s airy tabletop design reduces heat absorption and allows cool air to flow freely around the fire pit. By minimizing heat transfer, Surround becomes a versatile surface for snacks, drinks and everything else needed at a great outdoor BBQ party.
  • PERFECT FIT FOR YOUR FIRE PIT: Whether you own a Bonfire or Ranger, Surround’s configurable support brackets ensure your fire pit is in the correct position for maximum enjoyment. The adjustable feet are durable enough to withstand wear and safe enough for sensitive surfaces like grass, gravel, concrete, or a wooden deck,
  • DURABLE: Constructed with powder-coated, cold-rolled steel and outdoor-rated UV fabric barriers, your Surround is made to last. Additionally Surround was meant to enhance the safety of your fire pit but also enable you to use the accessories you already have.
  • SMALL TECHNICAL SPECS: Outer Diameter - 42”, Inner Diameter - 21.6”, Total Height - 20”, Tabletop Shelf Width - 7”, Material: Powder-coated steel and UV-resistant 600D polyester. Color: Black.
  • LARGE TECHNICAL SPECS: Outer Diameter - 52.6”, Inner Diameter - 32”, Total Height - 20.5”, Tabletop Shelf Width - 7”, Material: Powder-coated steel and UV-resistant 600D polyester. Color: Black.

Fire Pit Surround Shelters:

Surround Shelter is designed to protect your Fire Pit Surround from rain, snow, and dust, season after season.

  • Small fits Bonfire and Ranger
  • Diameter - 42.5”
  • Total Height - 20.8”
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Large fits Yukon and Canyon
  • Diameter - 54.1”
  • Total Height - 20.8”
  • Weight: 5 lbs


  • Solution Dyed Acrylic with PVC Backing
  • Aluminum Support Stays

Fire Pit Surround Surface Lids:

Surround Surface offers both protection from the elements and practical functionality when your fire pit is not in use. Easily convert your Surround to an elegant tabletop centerpiece for your backyard gatherings.

*Surround Surface should only be used when your fire pit is completely cool.

Surround Surface Small (Ranger | Bonfire)

  • Diameter: 23.75 in | 60,59 cm
  • Weight: 7.05 lbs | 3,20 kg
  • Materials: Cold rolled steel

Surround Surface Large (Yukon| Canyon)

  • Diameter: 34.5 in | 87,82 cm
  • Weight: 13.67 lbs | 6,20 kg
  • Materials: Cold rolled steel