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HotHands Toe Warmers - Long Lasting Safe Natural Odorless Air Activated Warmers - Up to 8 Hours of Heat - 40 Pair

HotHands Toe Warmers - Long Lasting Safe Natural Odorless Air Activated Warmers - Up to 8 Hours of Heat - 40 Pair

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HotHands® Toe Warmers are single-use air-activated heat packs that provide up to 8 hours of continuous warmth for the toes.


 Ultra-Thin, Adhesive Backing
 Up to 8 Hours of Heat
 Air-Activated, Ready to Use
 TSA Approved

  • Yard work
  • Daily commuters
  • Skiing & Snowboarding

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      TRAPSKI is the only all-in-one racking system designed for at home storage as well as transport to the mountain.


      Engineered to eliminate risk of damage while your skis, poles and boards are in-transit.

    • STORES

      Reduce storage needs by an average of 30% when using TRAPSKI.

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    Technical Specs

    ALL TRAPSKI rack solutions are made from high quality Marine-Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which will not scratch or damage equipment and has properties that support winter and summer outdoor elements.

    Key Material Benefits of Marine HDPE:

    • Excellent scratch resistance
    • Great impact and stiffness
    • Weather-ability (UV stabilized)
    • Will not delaminate, chip, rot, or swell
    • Easy to machine with standard tooling
    • No moisture absorption & Easy to clean
    • Temperature Range: -50 to 180° F
    • Hardness: Durometer 68D (Medium)
    • Specifications Met: ASTM D4976, UL 94 HB
    • Available in various colors

    Weight & Dimensions:

    TRAPSKI SIX PACK: 13.5 lbs - 28"L x 24"W x 16"H

    TRAPSKI QUAD: 10.5 lbs - 28"L x 20"W x 12"H

    TRAPSKI DOUBLE: 9.5 lbs - 28"L x 17"W x 9"H

    TRAPSKI is a complete solution that allows for safe and organized carry/travel of ski/board equipment and serves as a storage unit when not transporting, to be utilized in your garage or basement.

    In use in the bed of a truck, SUV or car; the TRAPSKI keeps
    equipment and poles organized to maximize space in your vehicle. Also, it is purposely engineered to fit under a bed cover when used in a truck application.

    While in use for storage, it has specifically designed slots to allow for ski separation within the slot and keeps the equipment off the floor/concrete at all points, which is not good for the metal components of the equipment.

    It is NOT a vehicle specific rack, and no installation is required. Only a very simple assembly out of the box.