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9.8ft Rogue Modular Propeller Drive Pedal Fishing Kayak | 400lbs Capacity | 2 Piece

9.8ft Rogue Modular Propeller Drive Pedal Fishing Kayak | 400lbs Capacity | 2 Piece

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      • PHENOMENAL STORAGE: This kayak boasts a whopping 4 storage hatches to stash all your essentials – from batteries to tackle boxes, mobile phones to all-weather gear, and everything in between!
        GREAT STORAGE & PORTABILITY: No need for a bulky garage or pickup truck! This kayak fits snugly in a cupboard and effortlessly slides into your hatchback, ensuring you're at your favorite fishing spot in a flash. Equipped with robust carry handles on all sides, hauling it to the water is a breeze.
        FLEXIBILITY: Dive into water adventures faster than ever with our kayak's seamless assembly. Switch effortlessly between single or tandem setups in seconds, offering unparalleled convenience whether you're paddling solo or with a partner. Don't let anything hold you back – seize the day with our versatile kayak!
        LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Say goodbye to back strain with our feather-light kayak. Each 48lb section features side carry handles for easy transportation, ensuring comfort and portability like never before on your fishing expeditions.
        UNBELIEVABLE PLATFORM: Prepare for unmatched innovation with our fishing kayak featuring a stable "W" hull shape perfect for seated or standing action. Revel in a spacious cockpit with an impressive 6 accessory rail tracks for mounting fishing rod holders and accessories, along with rod holders for added convenience.
Elevate Your Fishing Game with the Reel Yaks 9.8ft Rogue Propeller Drive Kayak! 

Practical Propeller Drive System: Say goodbye to noisy motors! Our kayak's pedal drive system ensures smooth, quiet acceleration through the water, keeping the fish undisturbed and your fishing experience serene.

Fully Loaded for Success: Equipped with all the essentials for a triumphant fishing trip – track rails for mounting fishing rods, swivel rod holders, bait box holders, a spacious storage hatch for extra gear, and even a convenient bottle holder for refreshment on the go!

Effortless Transportation: With assembled hull weight of just 95lbs and side carrying handles, transporting this kayak is a breeze. Each side (unassembled) weighs only 48lbs, ensuring easy handling and setup. Plus, enjoy the plush comfort of a cushioned chair during those marathon fishing sessions.

Navigate with Confidence: Thanks to the deep-blade rudder system, navigating changing paddling conditions is a breeze. Experience unparalleled stability, even when standing, making every fishing expedition a success.

Built to Last: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our kayak is built to withstand the rigors of every fishing adventure. Embark on your next expedition with confidence and style aboard the Reel Yaks 9.8ft Rogue Propeller Drive Kayak!



1 x 9.8' kayak
1 x propeller pedal drive and with spare propeller
1 x kayak paddle
1 x rod holders
2 x flush mount rod holders
6 x rail accessory tracks
1 x rear battery hatch
1 x forward hatch
1 x cockpit 8" round hatch
1 x under seat hatch
1 x stadium seats
2 x bow/stern carry handles
4 x side carry handles
4 x scupper plugs

We offer over a hundred different color options. Select custom color in the selector above to order your custom color. We'll then email you when your kayak goes into production to get your color selection. If you don't see the color you're looking for in our 100+ selection, then contact us and we'll see if we can work with you to deliver your desired color.

This kayak can be transported in its disassembled form on the back seat of a car, in the trunk or the back of your pick up. We encourage you to check the measurement of the two sections below against your vehicle. It can also be transported in its full form on roof racks, J-racks, trailers, etc.

COMPARE: this spreadsheet provides a detailed comparison of the features, functionality sizes and weights of our modular kayaks.

Expand to a tandem added middle section & drive
Trolling motor mount bar

Kayak trolley
Kayak cover
Extra rod holders


Colors Iceberg, Desert, Platinum or select a custom color.
Activity Fishing, Exploring & Exercise
Style Sit-on-Top
Number of Paddlers 1
Propulsion Propeller drive & paddle
Material Polyethylene
Total Weight Capacity
495 lb | 224 kg
Usable Weight Capacity
400 lb | 181 kg
Assembled Boat Weight
95 lb | 43kg
Removable Seat Weight 6 lb | 2.7 kg
Length 9.85 ft | 3.01 m
Width 33.8 in | 86 cm
Sections Front half 62.2" x  33.4" 14.9" 44lbs
Back half 57.8" x 33.8" x 13.4" 51lbs
Hatch Cockpit, Under seat, Aft & Forward
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