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TRAPSKI Releases an Innovative Wall Rack That Organizes and Stores Both Garage Tools and Skis, now available in Red, White, Blue, Black and Pink - TRAPSKI, LLC

TRAPSKI Releases an Innovative Wall Rack That Organizes and Stores Both Garage Tools and Skis, now available in Red, White, Blue, Black and Pink

TRAPSKI, an innovative outdoor adventure product designer and manufacturer is thrilled to announce its new Wall Rack, the TRAPAWAY, a storage system designed to efficiently organize skis, snowboards, and household tools. To add a splash of personality to every garage, TRAPSKI is offering the TRAPAWAY wall rack in a range of eye-catching colors including red, white, blue, black and pink.

This dual functioning product with a space saving design, easy install and durable construction are now available for purchase through the TRAPSKI website.

TRAPWAY, by TRAPSKI is a game changer for individuals and families seeking an effective and cost-efficient solution to organize winter gear and all-season tools while optimizing space. Its innovative and fist-of-its-kind design is easy to install while maintaining durability and minimalistic but eye-catching design. Most importantly, skiing, and snowboarding enthusiasts have a safe place to store and protect their gear when not in use on the mountain.

"We are very excited to launch our new and innovative TRAPAWAY Wall Racks, which are made right here in the United States. Our team is committed to helping our customer organize, protect, store, and transport their sporting and outdoor equipment in a very simple way; allowing for more time to be spent creating memories while experiencing their favorite life adventures." said Chris Wells, COO of TRAPSKI.

One of the standout features of the TRAPWAY is its range of color options and ability to customize based on the number of skis, boards and tools for your space. Specifically, TRAPAWAY wall racks can be easily installed as single, double, triple, quads and beyond depending on the amount of gear your need to store. Offering the red, white, and blue as the “Patriot Pack”, TRAPSKI is honoring its Veteran and Made in the U.S.A. roots while bringing a touch of personality to each TRAPAWAY wall rack. Whether customers prefer a classic look or want to make a bold statement, the TRAPWAY’s modular design complement any size space and storage needs.

TRAPSKI products aim to organize, protect, and store equipment for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their adventures and simplify their adventures. Specializing in skiing and snowboarding, TRAPSKI makes a first-of-its kind mobile Ski and Board Rack System that allows protect their skis, poles, and boards while in transit as well as store at your destination or home when not in use. TRAPSKI also has a range of other outdoor products to organize equipment and make it easier to enjoy your favorite adventure over the complexities of transit and storage.

For more information about the Wall Rack and other TRAPSKI products, please visit the website or contact
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