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TRAPSKI Featured in Blister

TRAPSKI Featured in Blister's February 2023 Stuff We Like

Top Ski Gear Review site, Blister, has featured TRAPSKI In it's February 2023 Edition of "Stuff We Like", after field-testing the Powder Quad Rack.

Directly from the Reviewer

"Until the Powder Quad arrived, our skis were laid out across half of the truck bed and everything always seemed a bit disorganized....The skis are now more secure when traveling, they are easy to access, there’s more space for our other gear, and things are starting to feel a bit tidier since we started using the Powder Quad. If you’re looking for a different way to organize your skis in your truck bed, SUV, or garage, the Trapski is worth a look. "

Read the Full Review Here


About Blister, from Blister:

BLISTER was born from a passion for playing in the mountains, and a frustration with the lack of honest information about the gear we use to do what we love.

Our mission is to offer the most honest, in-depth, and useful reviews of outdoor sports equipment. Outdoor gear is expensive, and if it doesn’t perform properly, you will waste a bunch of money buying the wrong stuff, or you may experience equipment failures at very inopportune times.

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