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Ski Maintenance - Tips for Long Lasting Equipment - TRAPSKI, LLC

Ski Maintenance - Tips for Long Lasting Equipment

Most skiers aren't properly storing or maintaining their skis which can lead to poor performance and inevitably a shorter shelf life.  Not to mention, the cost of replacing and purchasing news skis more frequently. However, following these tips can help ensure long-lasting skis and optimal performance.


Keep Skis Away from Unnecessary Moisture

It’s common to toss snow-covered skis into the back of the car, but when the car heats up, your skis are now laying in a puddle of water which in turn leads to rusty ski edges. 
Doing any type of routine maintenance that keeps the moisture off your skis when not in use is the easiest way to improvce their shelf-life. To help prevent rust follow these tips:
  • Get into the habit of brushing snow off of skis
  • Dry your skis with a soft cloth
  • In the off-season, store your equipment in a dry place


Waxing Skis

Sealing your skis with a fresh coat of hot wax will give your equipment the attention they need. Skis are like leather in that if not conditioned regularly, they can dry up, shrink, and crack away from the edges. Applying a good coat of hot wax from time to time is the best way to keep your skis happy. 
There are many different types of wax for varying temperatures and surface conditions, so if you are unsure of the appropriate choice, check with a professional at your locak ski shop before you choose.

Ski Edges

Not everyone wants, or needs, that racer-sharp edge, but it doesn’t mean you should neglect them. Regardless of skiing style or slope conditions, you should still check in on your edges at least once a year. 
Your skis will generally perform better with well-maintained edges. While you might not notice a difference at first, giving your edges a regular tuning will make for a more playful experience on the groomers. 
If you do ski on packed-powder a lot, maintain that grip by avoiding any signs of dullness with more frequent tunings.

Tune Skis With Caution

Just like any type of maintenance, a routine is key; however, it’s good to be cautious when it comes to tuning. There is nothing wrong with wanting your equipment in tip-top shape, but it can become a bit of an addiction. 
The lifespan of your equipment does have a direct correlation with tuning, but do be wary of the excessive grinding of your base. 
Your base thickness is fixed, and it will only give you so many grinds. Always ask a professional for their opinion first before taking action and only grind down your base when necessary.

Buckle Ski Boots

The equipment attached to the ski can be just as important as the ski itself. Don’t neglect taking care of your ski boots. One of the best ways to maintain your boots is to keep them buckled at all times; while you’re shredding and while they're in storage. 
Once you are done with your day on the slopes make sure you re-buckle your boots. Keeping the boots unbuckled will cause them to lose their shape. Ski boots are very rigid, and for a good reason, so maintaining their shape will help your boots wear longer and perform the way they are supposed to.

Safely Store Skis in the Off-Season

Every memorable ski season inevitably comes to an end. When it does, ensure edges have been properly waxed and stowed away. Take storage conditions into account when choosing a location for the off-season. Choose a cool, dry location clear of any clutter that could put unnecessary pressure on the skis.

Ski care is very important if you want your equipment to last, not to mention it allows for a more enjoyable experience. Taking care of skis doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task either as there are always industry professionals at your local ski shops that are willing to help you. The more care you put into your equipment, the more fun you will have out on the slopes.

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