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5 Ways To Protect Your Car When Traveling To Your Next Outdoor Adventure


Hey there, fall lovers!


As the autumn season rolls in, we're all excited about those scenic drives and pumpkin patch visits. But here's the thing – cars need love during this time too. Here's a quick rundown on how to keep your vehicle cozy and damage-free this fall. 


Here are a few TRAPSKI tips on how to protect your car this autumn

  1. Invest in a Quality Car Cover: Sick of your car having fallen leaves and dirt covering it after leaving it parked for a few days? A car cover is exactly what you need. Protect your car's exterior from dust, dirt, and harsh weather conditions by investing in a high-quality car cover. A waterproof and UV-resistant cover will shield your car while its parked, so the next time you want to use it, all you need to do is uncover your spotless- ready to go vehicle.
  2. Install Weatherproof Floor Mats: If your outdoor adventure involves muddy trails at an outdoor fair or hiking through the fall forests, consider installing weatherproof floor mats. These durable mats will prevent dirt, mud, and debris from staining or damaging your car's interior, making cleaning up after your adventure much easier.
  3. Utilize TRAPSKI Racks for Gear Transport: Instead of cramming your equipment inside the car, use TRAPSKI racks or cargo carriers to securely transport your gear on the exterior. Racks help keep skis, snowboards, bikes, and other outdoor equipment safely in place, protecting your car from scratches or damages and preserving space inside your car for other valuables, like your kids new Halloween costumes!
  4. TRAPSKI Cargo Liner: Car covers may be nice for protecting the outside of your car, but if you are worried about protecting the interior, a cargo liner is right for you. Our Multi-Function, Multi-Use Divided Black SUV Cargo Liner with a Bumper Guard is perfect to protect your vehicle and gear for all-season activities and can even be used for safely transporting your dog mess-free, even after a muddy hike. It's waterproof, heavy-duty fabric is easy to clean after use and stores in the included compact drawstring bag. This will ensure that your car interior and seats will not get ruined even if you brought all the apples from the orchard home with you!
  5. Regularly Wash and Detail Your Car: After your adventure, make sure to wash your car to remove dirt, mud, and debris that may have gotten picked up during your trip. Regularly detailing your car helps maintain its appearance and prevents anything from causing long-term damage to the paint and interior surfaces.


Protecting your car during outdoor adventures not only keeps it clean, but it also ensures its longevity and performance. With the winter months coming soon, you’ll want to start protecting your car from the harsh conditions of salt, snow, and ice that will rot away your car. Use these five tips to shield your vehicle from the weather, keeping it squeaky clean and ready for your next excursion.


So, as you enjoy the autumn air and the colors of the season, spare a thought for your car too. It's your trusty companion on your fall adventures, so treat it right!


Stay cozy and drive safely,



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