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Summer Ski Storage Made Effortless with TRAPSKI's TRAPAWAY Wall Rack

As the warmer months roll in, securing a reliable summer ski storage system becomes essential for ski enthusiasts keen on keeping their equipment in top-notch condition. TRAPSKI is at the forefront of addressing this need with the TRAPAWAY Wall Rack, a product designed to revolutionize how we store our skis and snowboards during the off-season. With a notable price adjustment across our lineup, TRAPSKI's solutions, especially the QUAD pack option, stand out as an unbeatable choice for gear organization.

The Significance of Proper Summer Ski Storage

The off-season presents a unique set of challenges for maintaining ski equipment. Factors like moisture, dirt, and improper storage can compromise the integrity of your gear. TRAPSKI's TRAPAWAY Wall Rack offers a safeguard against these issues, ensuring that your skis and snowboards are ready to perform when the snow season returns.


Durability and Reliability: Built with no plastic or moving parts, the TRAPAWAY Wall Rack eliminates worries about wear, tear, or damage, offering a durable solution to summer ski storage.

Maximized Space: The versatility of the TRAPAWAY Wall Rack, especially in its QUAD pack format, makes it an ideal solution for not just storing skis and snowboards but also organizing yard tools and garage clutter without sacrificing floor space.

Installation Made Easy: TRAPSKI ensures that setting up your TRAPAWAY rack is straightforward, with all necessary hardware and a mounting guide included. Plus, the confidence in our product is backed by a solid 3-year warranty.

Customizable Storage: The modular nature of the TRAPAWAY Wall Rack allows for a tailored organization system that grows with your collection, from a single pair of skis to a full QUAD pack setup for the whole family's gear.

Available in multiple colors, including a patriotic pack, the TRAPAWAY enhances your space not only with its functionality but also with style, adding a personal touch to your storage area.

TRAPSKI's TRAPAWAY: Beyond Ski Storage
While the primary focus is on summer ski storage, the TRAPAWAY Wall Rack's capabilities extend into all areas of garage and shed organization. Capable of holding up to 30 lbs of equipment, it's your go-to solution for neatly storing shovels, rakes, brooms, and other tools alongside your winter sports gear.

A Summer Without Clutter
Transitioning from winter to summer doesn't have to mean a compromise on space or equipment safety. TRAPSKI's recent pricing adjustment, particularly for the QUAD pack, is an invitation to invest in a storage solution that promises not just to organize but to protect your valuable ski and snowboard equipment. The TRAPAWAY Wall Rack embodies efficiency, durability, and style, making it the ideal choice for summer ski storage and beyond.

Embrace a clutter-free summer with TRAPSKI's TRAPAWAY Wall Rack, where your gear's readiness for the next season is our priority. Whether you're storing a single set of skis or gearing up for the whole family, TRAPSKI has the solution to keep your equipment secure, accessible, and in pristine condition.

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